Create appealing corporate videos in just a few minutes

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Intuitive interface, branded templates, and much more


Customizable templates

that align with your brand

How do you create a video?

Describe what you want your film to convey. Our AI generates text, content, and optimizes the length of the film.

Make adjustments if you wish. Modify a scene layout or add your own images and videos.

Choose your background music and click “Done.”

Share the video on your social media platforms and track their performance on our analytics page. You can save the template and use it as a starting point for creating more videos.

Create a video

Share knowledge, values ​​and news


Through Explainer Hello, you can easily share relevant stories that your audience will appreciate while adhering to your brand identity.

Maintain Your Brand Integrity

With Explainer Hello, your brand is safeguarded from misuse, a common risk when multiple individuals create videos. Colors, fonts, and logos are preset, ensuring consistency every time.

An agency to work with


We at Explainer have been creating videos for clients for over a decade, and with a subscription to Explainer Hello, we're always just a phone call away. Or stop by our office at Kärleksgatan in Malmö, and we'll have coffee and talk about communication!

Millions of clips and photos ready


Upload your own images and videos. They are securely stored in the cloud. Or use integrated Pexels images and clips in Explainer Hello. It doesn't get easier than this.

Correct format for media

Correct Media Format

A story made in a square format usually suffices for most social channels, but with Explainer Hello, you can create your video in a different format with just a single click.

Features that make your corporate videos engaging

Trim, slow-motion, zoom-in, pan

AI generates scripts and selects images

Music, video clips, and images are integrated

Page and element animations

Text, layouts, transitions

No downloads, all through the website

Algorithm-based scene length

Share videos to social media directly and collect data in Hello

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